Family Farms Program


Improve your facility and grow long-term savings.


The Delmarva Power Family Farms Program helps residentially metered customers make their farm operations more energy-efficient, while lowering operating costs. Get rebates for installing energy-efficient products and learn more about energy-efficient equipment.

If your farm is eligible, there are two ways to participate in the program:

1. Prescriptive (Lighting)

The Prescriptive choice offers a series of choices with predetermined rebates for a wide selection of common energy-efficient lighting measures, including:

  • Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs and fixtures
  • High-performance linear fluorescent replacements
  • Pulse-start metal halide
  • Lighting controls, including occupancy sensors

2. Custom (Energy-efficient Technology)

The Custom choice offers rebates for more complex, site-specific and cost-effective opportunities for energy-efficient technologies. Custom projects must be able to show specific and verifiable energy savings and costs. Typical measures include:

  • Low-energy livestock waterers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Circulation fans
  • High-volume, low-speed fans
  • Pump tune-up
  • Exhaust fan tune-up
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Scroll compressor replacements
  • Variable frequency drives

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