Delmarva Power’s Family Farms Program Status

The Family Farms Program for residential family farm customers concludes December 31, 2020. All 2020 pre-approvals must be requested by November 4, 2020. All pre-approved Family Farms rebate applications must be submitted by November 18, 2020 to qualify. Family farm customers who are considering improvement projects that incorporate Family Farms Program participation on or after January 1, 2021 must be aware that there is no rebate availability in 2021.

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Family Farms Program


Improve your facility and grow long-term savings.


The Delmarva Power Family Farms Program helps residentially metered customers make their farm operations more energy-efficient, while lowering operating costs. Get rebates for installing energy-efficient products and learn more about energy-efficient equipment.

If your farm is eligible, there are two ways to participate in the program:

1. Prescriptive (Lighting)

The Prescriptive choice offers a series of choices with predetermined rebates for a wide selection of common energy-efficient lighting measures, including:

  • Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs and fixtures
  • High-performance linear fluorescent replacements
  • Pulse-start metal halide
  • Lighting controls, including occupancy sensors

2. Custom (Energy-efficient Technology)

The Custom choice offers rebates for more complex, site-specific and cost-effective opportunities for energy-efficient technologies. Custom projects must be able to show specific and verifiable energy savings and costs. Typical measures include:

  • Low-energy livestock waterers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Circulation fans
  • High-volume, low-speed fans
  • Pump tune-up
  • Exhaust fan tune-up
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Scroll compressor replacements
  • Variable frequency drives

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