Family Farms Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the program?

This program is available to farms located within Delmarva Power’s Maryland service territory, where farming operations are associated with a residential rate class. This program defines a farm as any entity where land is actively used for agricultural purposes.

What does the program consider to be a farm?

This program defines a farm as any entity where land is actively used for agricultural purposes. These activities include the cultivation of soil for the growing of crops and rearing of animals to provide food, and other products. If the agricultural activities cannot be intuitively determined, the agricultural activities from that farm must result in an average annual gross income of $2,500 or more.  

While there may be residential dwellings associated with or near the project site, any measures related to that dwelling will not be incentivized by the program. Delmarva Power reserves the right to make final judgement on eligibility

What if my farm is on a commercial account?

Farms that are on commercial accounts may apply for the incentives through the Delmarva Power Energy Savings for Business Program.

Who may apply to the program?

Farmers, contractors or their consultants may apply to the program. If you wish to apply on behalf of a farm owner, you must submit a copy of the Terms & Conditions document signed by the farm owner with your application.

Can I submit past projects to the program for a rebate?

No, all projects submitted to the program require pre-approval before equipment is purchased or installed. Projects that are completed without official pre-approval from the program are ineligible for an incentive.

Will the Family Farms Program provide rebates for equipment other than lighting?

Yes, you can get rebates for energy-saving measures unique to your site, such as low-energy livestock waterers or exhaust and/or circulation fans. Projects with a Scope of Work beyond lighting can submit their projects via the custom incentive track. For this track, the applicant must provide energy savings calculations to justify the incentive.

I’m not sure if there are energy efficiency opportunities on my farm, who can I contact?

For information about energy efficiency opportunities and if your farm qualifies, please call 667-786-6320 or email



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