HVAC Efficiency Program

Tune-up Program

The HVAC tune-up program offers qualified HVAC contractors the opportunity to receive valuable training to help overcome market barriers and stand out from the competition. Participants receive additional benefits such as:

  • Incentive opportunity that you can pass along to your customer.
  • Comprehensive training that can help you stand out and overcome market barriers.
  • Opportunity to connect with customers regarding their existing equipment and future opportunity to discuss equipment replacement.

Call 1-443-948-6193 to find out if you qualify.

Offer available while funds last. Eligible equipment includes Central Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps.

How it Works:

Service & Equipment Requirements

  • Contractors to clean outdoor condenser, indoor evaporator coil (if accessible), indoor blower wheel, change air filters, and verify condensate drain/pump is functional. Measure indoor and outdoor amperage.
  • Standard digital equipment is required to perform test in/test out measurements.

Testing to Verify Performance

  • Contractor to verify charge, by SC/SH based on metering device, and proper airflow, per temperature split.
  • Measure and record supply and return static pressure, supply and return DB and WB temperatures.

Test Reporting

  • Record system and testing information on data sheet and report to program software.
  • Incentive provided for successful test completion.


Take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Call 1-443-948-6193 to get started.


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