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Thermostat Optimization Program

Thermostat Optimization uses your customized thermostat schedule along with local weather and your personal smart thermostat data to learn how your house reacts to various weather conditions. As a Thermostat Optimization Program participant, ensure each smart thermostat in your home is programmed on a schedule. Schedules tell the thermostat what temperature to keep your house, based on the times you leave and return home each day. Higher temperature settings in the summer (and lower in the winter) when you’re away from home can save you even more energy and money. You can create your schedule using your mobile app, web portal, or directly on the thermostat.

Thermostat Setting Suggestions

You should adjust your smart thermostat schedule according to your lifestyle and preferences, but below is a table* you can use as a starting point for setting an energy-saving schedule.

Setting Time Setpoint Temperature (Heating Season) Setpoint Temperature (Cooling Season)
Wake 6:00am < 70° > 78°
Day 8:00am Lower at least 8° Raise at least 7°
Evening 6:00pm < 70° > 78°
Sleep 10:00pm Lower at least 8° Raise at least 4°


Eligible Smart Thermostats

Currently, only certain smart thermostat models qualify for the Thermostat Optimization Program. View the eligible list here.

Have a Nest Thermostat?

Nest does not currently have an online enrollment option for their Thermostat Optimization offering, Seasonal Savings. Instead, eligible customers will receive a notification on their thermostat or mobile app allowing them to opt into Seasonal Savings and the Thermostat Optimization Program.

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