Energy Savings for Business


The Energy Savings for Business Program will pay for up to 70% of the total project cost for you to install new energy-efficient equipment in your business.

By using energy-efficient equipment, your business will save money every month on your electric bill.

 Our Programs Save Energy. Save Money

From mom and pop shops to large commercial real estate portfolios, we have programs designed to fit every type of business.

Small Business
We offer enhanced incentives to small businesses with an average monthly demand of 100 kW and less.

Medium and Large Business
We can help improve your energy efficiency with a wide range of standard measures and custom projects.

Business Instant Discounts
Our discounts take the hassle out of making lighting and HVAC upgrades. Just call or visit a participating local distributor to save on energy-efficient equipment—right at the register or over the phone.

New Construction and Major Renovations
We provide technical support and cash incentives for new construction, major renovation, and building addition projects.

Building Tune-up
We can assist you in optimizing the energy efficiency of your existing building.

Energy Efficient Communities
We offer funding, technical expertise, outreach, and education for local municipality and government customers.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Produce electricity, heat, and cooling from a single fuel source.

Multifamily Property
We offer incentives to multifamily properties for energy-efficient upgrades.

Operations and Maintenance Training
We offer incentives for training courses that focus on reducing and conserving energy for your facility.
Incentives We Offer Find out What Costs We’ll Cover

Our programs cover 40–70% of your total project cost. For every project, you pay a portion and our incentives cover the rest.

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Small business incentives cover up to 70% of the total project cost. You qualify if you use 100 kW of electricity or less per month.

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View All Medium and Large Business Incentives
Medium and large business incentives cover up to 50% of the total project cost. You qualify if you use more than 100 kW of electricity per month.

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Sectors We Serve Energy Savings for All

We know that your business is not like everyone else’s, so we take a sector-focused approach to energy management. Below are the sectors we serve.
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Do you have questions about the incentives, your eligibility, or how to apply? Contact us, we can help you get started today.

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Have any questions about the incentives, your eligibility, or how to apply? Contact us and we can help you get started today.

EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your energy consumption and save you money. To learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate, click here.