Maryland Food Bank Serves the Community Through Energy Savings

Maryland Food Bank’s Eastern Shore facility installed energy-saving upgrades with help from Delmarva Power’s Energy Savings for Business Program. The facility’s improvements—which included new LED lighting and high-efficiency refrigeration motors and controls—cut operating costs, helped with basic organization and logistics, and improved its services to the community. Maryland Food Bank now can do more in a lot less time for the community and the families it serves.

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The Opportunity

  • To reduce Maryland Food Bank’s energy costs in the long run, it needed to upgrade outdated lighting and add new refrigeration motors and controls.
  • Upgrades could improve the facility’s brightness and safety, and help with basic organization and logistics.

The Upgrades

  • Due to high energy costs from inferior equipment, Maryland Food Bank used incentives to offset the cost of upgrading lighting, refrigeration, and controls.
  • Upgraded 82 interior and exterior lighting fixtures to LED lighting.
  • Installed high-efficiency refrigeration motors and controls.

The Benefits

  • Upgrades helped maintain consistent temperatures to keep perishable foods from spoiling and to provide a more comfortable working environment for staff.
  • Energy savings were estimated at 146,540 kilowatt-hours annually.
  • Energy costs were lowered by approximately $17,585 annually.
  • Saved $32,000 on upgrades using available incentives.

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